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U.S. House of Representatives, Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

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Director, Internal Communications

Created the office of Internal communications for the 1,000 full-time staff and contractors of the non-partisan Chief Administrative Officer.

  • Developed comprehensive messaging to communicate strategic plan, mission, and vision of the CAO.

  • Responsible for writing all-staff Town Hall addresses, weekly Staffchat newsletter, and managing internal website.

  • Developed and co-host internal organizational podcast, Let’s Talk CAO.

  • Utilized new methods to deliver messaging during COVID-19 pandemic to maximize employee engagement while staff is working remotely.

Communications Director & Spokesman
Senior Web Editor

Top Communications strategist for the Chief Administrative Officer, responsible for internal communications to Members of Congress and 10,000 House employees. Non-partisan media spokesperson on highly vetted, complicated issues including the Affordable Care Act, DOMA, government transparency, IT security, and Member of Congress finances.


  • Negotiated millions of dollars in savings in House enterprise subscription services.

  • Led orientation sessions for new Members of Congress.

Developed the vision, strategy, and digital action plan to tell the story of the House of Representatives through websites and social media. Formed partnerships with diverse organizations to create content and social networking strategies.


  • Responsible for major redesigns of three external websites including the main website for the House of Representatives,, and Green The Capitol.

  • Top content strategist of two internal website that serve the staff for the House of Representatives.

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