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Television and Digital Journalism

Top stakeholder and accountable for all aspects of KCRA news coverage and presentations in broadcasts and on the Internet. Led 100+ journalists to produce award-winning, innovative, #1 rated coverage. Noted for investigative reports and consumer oriented stories. Guided newsroom into digital and Web 2.0 eras.

TV & Digital News Director
  • Industry leader in original web coverage.

  • Skilled in crisis management. Led teams of journalists through local and national emergencies when a clear, concise, and calm message was imperative for public safety.

  • Demonstrated vision in conceiving projects based on careful analysis of research.

  • Worked with a diverse staff and across departments to reach consensus and goals.

TV & Digital News Director
  • Created principles and processes that ensured brand integrity, consistency, and growth.

  • Formed strategic partnerships with key demographics.

  • Facilitated and coordinated news/marketing activities to ensure maximum effectiveness.

  • Won Emmy Award for production "PennDOT Implosion."

  • Produced groundbreaking documentary "Three Mile Island: 30-Years Later."

Senior News Producer
  • Produced 5:00 p.m. news segment and 6:00 p.m. newshour.

  • Responsible for all content, briefing anchors, and managing crews.

  • Innovative formats.

  • Produced documentary on fire in San Juan Puerto Rico which killed 17 people.

Executive News Producer
  • Created new newscasts.

  • Wrote and produced all content.

  • Introduced new production concepts.

  • Won Regional Emmy Award for documentary "Missing Are We Finding the Children?"

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