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References & Testimonials

Dan led aggressive news departments to market leading positions, covering news, making critical personnel decisions and responding to the daily challenges of local station management… During his career with our company, he was considered a “go-to” person for both short and longer term assignments.


Fred Young

Senior Vice President of News,  Hearst Television (retired)

Dan set the course and the expectations, and then gave us the freedom to creatively meet those goals… Under his leadership our newsroom won awards and journalists were inspired, encouraged and supported to do their best work… His deep knowledge of traditional media and new media make him an excellent choice for anyone looking to reshape a communications division.  


Edie Lambert 

Anchor/Reporter KCRA, Sacramento, CA

Dan was the news director during a large part of my medical reporting career at WGAL…Together we developed promotional aspects to increase viewer understanding of complex medical and health policy concepts… Our story on the refusal of some insurers to provide coverage to domestic violence survivors led to multi-state legislative and then national action to end this practice, while earning communication and advocacy awards.


Dr. Wanda Filer

Owner, Strategic Health Institute and Family Physician

Former Physician General of Pennsylvania

The quality I admire the most is [Dan’s] decisiveness and ability to think quickly on his feet… on several occasions I’ve seen him walk into meetings and change minds… to generate support for organizational efforts ...that can be difficult in a place like the U.S. House.


John Wilwol

Communications Specialist, Office of the Chief Administrative Officer, U.S. House of Representatives

[Dan] was a mentor and provided wise counsel as I navigated through the television news industry for the very first time… he was sensitive enough to what I was going through as a young, aspiring journalist and motivated me to continue to believe that I could achieve more. His sense of humor and humble yet strong personality made it an open and dynamic work environment.


Adrienne Bankert

Anchor/Reporter, CBS 5, Dallas, Texas

Dan did not hesitate to take on challenging assignments; he was able to synthesize a large amount of detailed information and often produced insightful yet creative reports.


Dr. Sanjay Varshney  

Dean, College of Business Administration, California State University, Sacramento

Dan’s decisiveness during 9/11 and his cool hand in directing our coverage were exemplary…Dan was instrumental in leading our newsroom into the digital age… Dan had the confidence of everyone as the leader of our newsroom. I can recommend him with complete confidence.


Ron Martin Anchor/Report, WGAL , Lancaster, PA.

Dan is strong force in times of change. I worked with him for more than ten years in a broadcast newsroom and watched him manage and lead change time and again. He's excellent at helping coworkers and employees understand the need for change and their role in it… Dan is a strategic thinker. He's able to look beyond a particular challenge or decision seeing the impact each action may have on the future and other parts of the organization. He's able to achieve immediate results while setting the stage for future growth and development.


Dan O’Donnell

News Director, WGAL Lancaster, PA

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